Animal Cell Diagram Mitosis

Mitosis is the process through which the animal cell is duplicated and divided. The process is the base of the development and growth of each organism. The duplication and the division of the animal cell leads to the enlargement of the body functions and therefore to the whole evolution of the system. The animal cell diagram mitosis is one of the most important parts of the learning process. It is used in academic studies and in educational programs in order to help the students understand the processes that take place inside an organism. The methods through which the teachers can present the animal cell diagram mitosis have greatly evolved over the past few years. Modern technology made it easy for them to represent the changes of the animal cell diagram mitosis through animated files.

During the animation of the animal cell diagram mitosis, the students will be looking at a simple process, which takes place over the course of several stages. These are very important, as they each stand to represent an important part of the process, without which the entire evolution would not take place. The fist stage of the animal cell diagram mitosis is the Interphase, during which the DNA is replicated. The Prophase is the second step, which refers to the condensation of the chromosomes, the dissipation of the nuclear envelope and the division and movement of the centrioles. The Promethaphase is based on the the division of all the remaining elements of the animal cell diagram. The Metaphase revolves on the alignment of the chromosomes. Then, these separate during the Anaphase. Lastly, in the Telophase, the chromosomes migrate to the opposite ends and the cell splits in two different new ones.

The process of the mitosis can be very valuable for the proper understanding and learning of the animal cell process. With the help of the animal cell diagram, these processes are more facile, more easy to grasp and all the developing stages can be seen properly. It is important for teachers to find the right animal cell diagram through which to represent the mitosis in the perfect way.